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    Partial differentiation and Error estimates

    In this course, you will experience working and testing yourself and with the facilitator on challenging problems involving: Partial derivatives vs total differentials, Understanding changes vs gradient, directional derivatives, Error functions.

    Linear Dynamical Systems - An introduction

    This is an extensive course to take a head start in dynamical systems, a key to science and engineering studies, particularly involving electrical, mechanical and chemical systems. The main ideas discussed are: Dynamical systems. Is it always dx/dt? Eigenvalue solutions. What is the eigenvalue sayi…

    The Complex Number System

    This course will equip you with a detailed knowledge and computation skills regarding complex numbers. It will bridge your gaps related to: Is the real world actually complex? What is the dark matter? Misconceptions about real and complex numbers and their graphing, Is it always the argument or the…
    • Student: Muhammad Ali Bhutto
    • Student: Muhammad Haris
    • Student: Abdul Junaid
    • Student: Aiman Khan

    Curves and Surfaces

    Calculus of curves and surfaces as functions, Level curves as domains of integration, Parametric curves, Quadric surfaces. Completion criteria  To pass this course, you have to complete all lessons, practice assignments and quizzes. Maximum completion time Two weeks. Fee structure Individual:&…

    Differentiable Functions

    Derivative of a function, Points to ponder, Implicit differentiation, Maxima and minima.

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