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    Trigonometry: A unit circle approach

    Course Outline The Pythagorean Theorem Geometric relationship Trigonometry Angles in standard form   Assessment Assessment of this course is based on completing lessons, 60%, and exercises 40%.

    Financial Mathematics-1

    Course Outline This course has been divided into five modules: Interest Annuities Loans and Debts Bonds Investment Analysis   Completion criteria The assessment will be based on five assignments each contributing to 10% of the total grade. The remaining 50%  will be awarded for atten…

    Mathematical Statistics

    This course gives you an insight into what statistics means and how it is used in general science, social science, medical science and engineering courses at university. Course Outline This course has been divided into 13 chapters under the following topics: Sampling and plotting Descriptive statis…
    • Student: Mubin Akhtar

    Linear Algebra - 1

    Overview This course is divided into eight units Vectors and Matrices in R^n Linear systems Independence and basis Subspaces of R^n Linear transformation Determinants Diagonalisation   Completion criteria The grading will be based on completing the units, 60%, and quizzes, 40%.

    Classical algebra

    Course outline This course will equip you with a good knowledge and computing skills related to: Language of mathematics Logical analysis Proving mathematical statements Mathematical induction Sets The greatest common divisor Linear Diophantine Equation Congruence and modular arithmetic Public key …

    Ordinary Differential Equations

    Course overview This course will equip you with the knowledge and computing skills related to: developing the ideas and aims of differential equations First order ODEs Second order ODEs Reduction of higher order equations to first order Applications Completion criteria The grading of this course is…

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